Palytte Technical Co-Founder

Technical Co-Founder

We don’t care about traditional pedigree…Palytte is looking a smart, driven technical leader, with a track record of getting things done. Be nimble. Be enthusiastic. We want spirited debates about how to build a platform that will shape the future of commerce.

We expect that an ideal candidate is likely to have a computer science degree, but we’re open to self-taught veterans whose experience and work demonstrate their prowess.

We’re looking for Full Stack experience in areas such as:

  • Big Data – Platforms and/or applications their use leverage big data sets
  • E-Commerce – Enabling technologies and/or experience building e-commerce merchant sites or shopping apps
  • Building and consuming of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)


  • Passionate about personalization and style
  • Appreciates design focused front end experience
  • Natural language search

If you are interested, please send your resume and GitHub profile to


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