It was Thursday afternoon. I was trying to get out of there as fast as possible because I was had a long-awaited date with my husband that night AND a morning event to get ready for.

Oh. But first I have to return those dresses.

It was not a nice realization, especially when I considered how much time I’d spent online last Saturday morning (when I should have been working out) shopping for those dresses and how much I’d paid for the rush shipping…

All I wanted was something PERFECT. Is that so much to ask?

Ugh. The world of online shopping is telling YES, it’s too much to ask Tammy. Sit back down because you don’t deserve to look stylish AND have time to yourself for the rest of your life.

I’ve spent several a Saturday morning shopping online trying to find the perfect thing to wear — something that would fit my size, enhance my unique features, and reflect my sense of style.

Here’s the truth.

We all want to look good.


Most of us dislike shopping.

We’d (understandably) rather spend our precious free time doing things we love — hanging out with our friends or families, working out, or just zoning out…

Anything but spending hours and hours browsing (let’s face it, GUESSING) through thousands of items trying to find a needle in a haystack…

Only to have to spend even more time — and money — to return it when it doesn’t look right.

It’s time… to stop WASTING our precious time. (not to mention get hopes up, pay for shipping, wait and wait…)

What if I told you it was possible to live in a world of style and beauty where only things that perfectly enhanced, reflected and fit me would appear in front of you?

What if it was all signal, no noise?

The fact is everyone is unique.

Just because something looks great on an airbrushed waif-thin, color-corrected model doesn’t necessarily mean it will look the same on someone who doesn’t have a staff of people to make them look delicious.

You have your own unique attributes, curves and nuances that make you who you are.

It’s time to celebrate them and buy things that suit your needs… in the amount of time it should take.

I founded Palytte to eliminate the pain of guessing which brands, sizes and colors make you look your best so you can get your time back for the important things.

Celebrate your unique self. Take back your time, experience the world, and LOOK GOOD DOING IT.

Welcome to Palytte…